PM Imran to inaugurate development projects in Mianwali today


ISLAMABAD: 11, DECEMBER, 2021: Prime Minister Imran Khan will arrive in Mianwali on Saturday to inaugurate and perform ground-breaking of multiple development projects.
During his visit to the city, Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate Establishment of City Park at Old Cattle Mandi Mianwali, Dualization of Sargodha-Mianwali Road (Phase-1) and Establishment of Miyawaki Forest at NAMAL Lake.
He will also lay the foundation stone of Upgradation of Kalabagh-Shakardara Road, Upgradation of DHQ Hospital Mianwali, Prime Minister Package-II, District Development Package, Establishment of Wooded Land at NAMAL Lake and Balkasar-Mianwali Road.
Sources informed that, PM Imran will also visit Namal University Mianwali and will address the students. (04)

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