P.M Shahbaz announced Tuesday as mourning Day for President, Ebrahim Raisi


Iran:  20 May2024: Prime Minister Shehbaz announced that Tuesday would be a day for the whole country to mourn the people who died in a helicopter crash in Iran. One of the people who died was Iran's President, Ebrahim Raisi. The crash happened in the mountains near Azerbaijan. Here's what we know:

Nine people were in the helicopter when it crashed, but we don't know yet why it happened.

Two other helicopters in the group made it safely.

Pakistan will show respect by lowering flags and taking a day to mourn.

Rescue teams worked hard in bad weather and rough terrain to find the crash site.

Until a new president is chosen, Iran's First Vice President will take over.

The Cabinet Division in Pakistan officially announced the day of mourning.

Iran's military is investigating what caused the crash.

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