P.M Shehbaz in UAE to seek ‘collaborations and investments’ rather than loan


Hyderabad: 23 May 2024: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, during his visit to the United Arab Emirates, made it clear that he wasn't there to ask for loans. Instead, he emphasized the importance of working together and making investments.

Speaking at a meeting with the IT community in Abu Dhabi, he highlighted his focus on collaboration and investment opportunities. He stressed the need for partnerships that benefit both sides, where hard work and modern skills lead to success.

Sharif outlined his plan to provide quality vocational training to Pakistani youth, equipping them with the skills needed to work in the UAE. He expressed readiness to take risks to support small businesses, startups, and other essential activities.

He also emphasized moving away from dependency on aid, stating that relying on handouts doesn't lead to prosperity. Instead, he advocated for self-reliance and partnerships based on mutual benefit.

In his upcoming meeting with the UAE president, Sharif planned to ask for support in training Pakistani people, indicating a desire for cooperation in skill development.

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