Politics and morality are like water and oil , they don not get mixed well.


Salma Soomro
Recent visit of PM IK was the best time to reverse the faulty foreign policy decisions of the past, it left two impressions on the global power all were diplomatic suicide, Pakistan P.M IK with his recent visit wanted to tell the world that [Putin has not done anything aggressive with Ukraine, diplomatic suicide, showed an alignment to the world and with P.M IK recent visit to the Russia Pakistan showed that Pakistan is with Russia come what may, USA and EU must know this. This is a grave mistake made in critical times. Where shrewd policymakers of different countries, are avoiding taking anyone's side and prefer to remain neutral. John Mearsheimer in his book the great delusion said the USA always desire to become the sole liberal power and work hard to remove those against his plan. After the Afghan war, USA plans to become the sole superpower they desire liberal hegemony. The USA wants liberalism to spread all over the world, as support their system, liberal hegemony, USA friendly countries emerge together, they aim to bring change in a way like japan they attack Afghanistan, Iraq, etc, but site some other pretext, change regime, on the base of power and force. John said: It is the plan to peel Ukraine from the Russian orbit, bring it closer to the USA, and the west. Although Ukraine has no strategic importance for the West, USA.
The aim is to Expand NATO, bring it to the doors of Russia.
In the early 1900 president, Gorbachev was assured that NATO will not come to east Europe. But it did, and almost spread in the Eastern European states, that earlier was part of Russia before disintegration. America bring Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Estonia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Baltic states, etc made Russia insecure, awake the orange revolution, bring democracy. The USA spends lots of money on this project.
Russia: Napoleon in 1812, Hitler in the second world war was defeated by Russia, international theorists said that rule 1 of the book of war is never invaded Moscow but now it needs to be changed after such incidents into never instigate or provoke Moscow. For example how the West and USA will react if Russia built in Mexico or South America as Russian friendly govt. International political history is still present about the Cuban missile crisis.
Divided Ukraine and Russia: West hypocritically kept them in the dark illusion of NATO's membership, changing their regime made and continuing to keep the hostile policy against Russia.
Crimean area of Luhansk, Donetsk is considered as independent by Russia, where its rebel have occupied the territory and they are going ahead. NATO, the West, and the USA are all afraid because Hitler also did the same thing in the past, kept on exceeding. Navel Chamberlin opted for the policy of appeasement with Hitler, signed a non-aggression pact, waved in the air, but Hitler did not stop there.
Nato and West Role:
NATO, the West, USA will not come into Ukraine but deployed their armed forces at Poland, and other states to stop Putin from becoming Hitler. Made them sacrificial lamb.
What Pakistan learned: USA foreign policy is not ideologically driven, no matter if it is the USA the powerful country, or the small underdeveloped state, they do not idealize, but work on the current situation of the global order. Even turkey and Riyadh invited French president Macron, and Israel's powerful personalities provided state-level honor. What does this reveal to the ones protesting against the French President? Sentiments do not work in real politics. UAE, Riyadh are having backdoor ties with Telaviv. UAE, India is having joint military drills, Saudi Arabia thinking to talk with Iran. Whatever your order is if you are not seeing it with realism frame as it is, not as it should be, nations will doom. America thought that they will change the regime forcefully, they could not consider Afghanistan and Pakistan, which are underdeveloped, ill-educated, and hard to endorse liberalism. The countries like Ukraine can not follow the USA because it lies on the outskirts of Russia.
John Mearsheimer said the USA provokes Russia, invoked,
it wants to kill a country create ground for her to invade new territory because by this way it will demolish itself.
Russia did a mistake: if won, holding on, keeping military presence will be hard, and national movements will emerge.
Nicolo Machiavelli politics is working brutally.

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