Privatization is the priority: Finance Minister Aurangzeb


Islamabad: 12 May 2024: Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb declared on Sunday that there was "no such thing" as key state-owned enterprises (SOEs).Two days prior, Deputy Prime Minister Ishaq Dar had said that the government will restrict its operations to key and vital state-owned enterprises (SOEs) within its purview, with a reduction in their number from 40 following examination.

He had made these statements during a pre-budget meeting in Lahore.Dar declared that the privatization of loss-making SOEs would be a top priority when presiding over the Cabinet Committee on Privatization (CCoP) meeting, which the finance minister attended.The meeting observed that forty state-owned enterprises (SOEs) were currently classified as strategic or critical; however, the relevant ministries would provide the Cabinet Committee on State-Owned Enterprises (CCoSOE) with their specifics. The status will be decided by the CCoSOE.

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