PTC Saeedabad and Lack of Facilities in the Wake of Heatwave Pose a Big Threat to the Lives of Trainees.


Karachi/ Hyderabad: 14 May 2024: A tragic incident unfolded as Police Officer HC Shadab Khan, hailing from Hyderabad range, embarked on his second day of an intermediate course at Karachi's PTC Saeedabad. Despite the inherent risks associated with extreme weather conditions, the lack of essential amenities such as shade and clean drinking water tragically resulted in his untimely demise. This incident sheds light on a glaring issue: the dire lack of management and oversight at PTC Saeedabad.

It's imperative to question the preparedness and responsibility of the management, including training teachers, ASP Drill, and upper management, in ensuring the safety and well-being of their personnel. Were they not cognizant of Pakistan's susceptibility to heatwaves, especially in Karachi, where previous years have witnessed a significant number of fatalities due to extreme weather? This isn't merely a case of an individual succumbing to natural causes; rather, it unveils a systemic failure to prioritize the safety of middle-class workers who, out of necessity, endure grueling conditions. While one life has tragically been lost, it raises the pertinent question: what proactive measures have been implemented to prevent such incidents in the future? Among the trainees at PTC Saeedabad are young boys and girls as young as 18, embarking on their first job.

It's not unreasonable to expect basic provisions such as shade, access to water, and suitable timings for training sessions, particularly during periods of extreme weather. Temporary adjustments, such as inter-center commuting for two months until weather conditions normalize, should be considered. The crux of the issue lies in the lack of consideration and empathy exhibited by the upper management. Their failure to provide adequate facilities, including proper nutrition, highlights a gross disregard for the welfare of their personnel. The imposition of an agreement, shifting liability onto recruits for potential mishaps during training, is not only unethical but indicative of a broader trend of negligence.

Legal recourse must be pursued to prevent future tragedies. An investigation should meticulously examine the facilities and ascertain whether recruits are satisfied with the management's provisions. If negligence is proven, those from the drill instructors to the highest echelons of management, including IG trainings, must be held accountable. In conclusion, this incident serves as a somber reminder of the consequences of institutional neglect. It's imperative that swift and decisive action is taken to rectify these shortcomings and ensure the safety and well-being of all personnel undergoing training at PTC Saeedabad.

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