Punjab Fiasco


Lahore: 22 July 2022: The Constitution has been compromised today. Article 63(b) clearly states that the direction of the parliamentary party will be upheld in a vote for the election of Chief Minister. PTI's mandate has been stolen despite having a clear majority over the government's candidate. We condemned it when Qasim Suri destroyed the constitution by refusing to take the vote of no confidence against PTI. We will condemn it today as well. Dost Mazari's ruling was unconstitutional and it portrayed that fascism is deeply entrenched in contemporary Pakistani politics. A letter has no legal or constitutional value. It's a sham. More turmoil ahead. It is not fair to blame Zardari for the fiasco let loose in the Punjab Assembly this evening. Stupid, blame Ch. Shujaat. The former is a wily, Mechavillan politician. He did what most politicians may do, what suited him, and his allies. Elder Shujaat suffered from a serious lapse of judgement. He is mistaken. He stood on the wrong side of history. He lost residual respect, and probably his kith, and kin in the House of Chaudhrys of Gujrat.

-Syed Muzammil

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