Qatar Ban Alchohol in Stadiums during FIFA WORLD CUP 2022


Qatar: 16 July 2022: Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022 stadiums are guaranteed to be al*ohol-free, with the sale of beer outside the arena only allowed before and after some matches.
This decision comes after the FIFA World Cup 2022 hosts Qatar officially banned alcoholic beverages from entering the stadium during matches.
This year’s World Cup is the first held in a Muslim country with strict controls on alcohol. Therefore, this al*ohol issue is undoubtedly a challenge for organizers as football tournaments are often associated with beer-drinking fans and are sponsored by global brewing brands.
A source said that the plans are still being finalized, but discussions are currently allowing fans to drink beer on arrival and when leaving the stadium, but beer won’t be served during matches or inside the stadium bowl.
According to data obtained from the tournament organizers, Qatar is expected to welcome around 1.2 million people who will come to watch the tournament, which usually features fans drinking across the host cities.

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