Remembering renowned playback singer Munir Hussain on his 26th death anniversary


ISLAMABAD: 27, SEPTEMBER, 2021: 26th death anniversary of renowned Pakistani playback singer Munir Hussain is being observed today (Monday). He belong to a musical family.

Legendary music director Rasheed Attray was his uncle and two other big names in music world, music director Safdar Hussain and Wajahat Attray were his cousins.

He had a singing career of almost four decades and sang from his first film till his death.

His peak period was from 1957-65 and he was the second most popular playback singer after Saleem Raza.

He suffered after the dominance of Masood Rana, Ahmad Rushdi and Mehdi Hassan.

He sang almost 200 songs in his first two decades but only less than 50 songs in his last two decades. Film Heer Ranjha?s (1970) duet with Madam Noorjahan was one of his mega hit song in this period.

His famous work are "Way Wanjli waleria, Tun Tan Moh Lei O Mutiar?" "Qarar Lootnay Walay, Tu Qarar Ko Tarsay?" "Panchhi Tay Pardesi, Pyar Jaddun Panday.. Ik Beri Wich 2 Sawar, Ik Pardesi Ik Mutiar?" "Dilla Thehar Ja, Yaar Da Nazara Lain Day.." "Na Milta Gar Yeh Touba Ka Sahara Ham Kahan Jatay.." in film Touba (1964). 

Munir Hussain died on September 27, 1995 in Lahore. (04)

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