Rihanna fears ASAP Rocky's arrest and is rushing to have third child before any potential legal issues arise.


New York: 23 June 2024: Rihanna is reportedly determined to prevent her partner A$AP Rocky from facing imprisonment.

For those unfamiliar, the American rapper is currently undergoing a trial for gun charges, prompting Rihanna to accelerate plans for their third child.

According to a source close to Life & Style, “Rihanna is known for her composure, but her inner circle knows she’s deeply concerned about the situation.”

The insider continued, “Despite the possibility of Rocky being incarcerated, she remains steadfast in her decision to expand their family.”

“In fact, she's even more motivated now because she wants to ensure they have a child together,” the source added, referring to the renowned musician.

“Rocky’s legal team has postponed the case, but a trial is inevitable, and the threat of jail time looms large,” the insider disclosed.

“Despite his confidence, the situation weighs heavily on them and complicates their lives significantly,” they concluded.

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