Jamshoro: 5 April 2024:  Shaheed Allah Buksh Soomro (SABS) University of Art, Design and Heritages Jamshoro conducted design democracy youth election 2024. 20 students from Communication Design Departments comprised in 5 groups conducted awareness and mock election under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The campaign was led by faculty members Muhammad Salim Jhatial, Shahid Qayoom Memon, Aiman Qureshi and Asma Qureshi. Vice-Chancellor SABS University Prof. Dr. Arabella Bhutto paid visit to election drive and appreciated the creative ideas of students.
The core objective of the assignment was to raise awareness amongst students about the SDGs and aimed to measure the results of a Mock Election conducted at the campus. In this assignment students were tasked with leveraging the principles of design thinking, their mission, to craft election campaigns that foster positive social change within the context of Pakistan, to empower students to develop innovative, empathetic, and sustainable solutions to address key societal issues in the country's political landscape. Students had a unique opportunity to run a real election right on campus and it was like a mini version of a national election, where they practiced organizing campaigns, strategizing moves, and convincing others to vote for their ideas and the candidates they trusted.
During the election 311 votes were casted by students in which Taraki-o-Tashkhees party secured 87 votes, Niwae Sahar 85, Karwane Amal 72, Awami Awaz 36 and Tagaur got 30 votes.

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