SABS University of Art, Design and Heritages Jamshoro organized an awareness seminar on Intellectual Property Rights


Jamshoro: 3 May 2024:  Shaheed Allah Buksh Soomro (SABS) University of Art, Design and Heritages Jamshoro organized an awareness seminar on Intellectual Property Rights. Chairman Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) Pakistan Ambassador Farukh Amil delivered lecture to students, faculty and staff members. 
Addressing the seminar Ambassador Farukh Amil explained the idea of Intellectual Property (IP) types of IP rights, importance of IP rights, how does IP affect lives, IPO Pakistan, significance of IP agreements and collaborations, international agreements and treaties on IP, international agreements and treaties ratified by Pakistan, consequences of not acceding to international treaties and agreements for Pakistan and Pakistan at multilateral and bilateral level: IP agreements and collaborations.
He said that IP refers to the legal rights that are granted to individual, his creations or inventions that are products of their intellectual or creative efforts. These rights are designed to protect the intellectual and creative endeavors of individuals to provide them with exclusive control and financial benefits from their work. Ambassador Farukh Amil added that the IPO Pakistan has made solid incremental development over recent years, and its core goal is to place Pakistan on the global IP map as a compliant and responsible country, especially through increased public awareness, practice and enforcement.
IPO Pakistan Chairman said that Pakistan has to learn from global best practices, keeping in view own national circumstances and neighboring China is the best example where IP lessons were quickly learnt by looking at the examples of leading countries such as USA, Japan, Germany and UK. IP rights help individuals and at country level in economic growth, protection of ideas, encouraging innovations, fair competitions and attracting investment, IPO Pakistan Chairman added.
Ambassador Farukh Amil said that there should be intellectual property right on the productions of this region such as: Sindhri mango, Ajrak, ceramics designs and other indigenous products. He encouraged students of various departments of SABS university to follow the guidelines of IP and prove their own and national identity on basis of their products in ceramics, textile, communication and fine art under SABS University umbrella.
Addressing the seminar Vice-Chancellor SABS University Prof. Dr. Arabella Bhutto said that IP is not only about earning money but it is the name of ownership of any property or product. She said that SABS university has potential to develop and own multiple products in the field of textile, communication, fine art and ceramics and our students are quickly becoming familiar about latest market trends and IP guidelines.
Dr. Bhutto said that we take the responsibility of developing, designing and manufacturing various materials which will have the intellectual property rights of individuals and university. She said that the IP policy of SABS University, already approved by syndicate is the first step already taken in the right direction.
Ambassador Farukh Amil paid visit to A. R. Nagori Gallery of SABS where he witnessed multiple designs of indigenous Ajrak with SABS University logos, ceramics pottery, paintings of different mediums and other art products. IPO Chairman awarded souvenirs from his own pocket to three students Laiba, Fiza Baloch and Anosha for securing 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions respectively for designing Ajraks in the new styles. Vice-Chancellor SABS Prof. Dr. Arabella Bhutto decorated the guest with Sindhi Ajrak and presented souvenir, degree show catalogue and newsletters.

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