SAFWCO observed it's 37th Foundation Day celebrations


Hyderabad: 17 October 2023: Sindh Agriculture and Forestry Workers Coordinating Organization (SAFWCO) observed it's 37th Foundation Day with celebrations. The prominent civil society members, board of directors and staff of SAFWCO, SAFCO Microfinance Company and SAFCO Support Foundation participated in the event held at SAFWCO Head Office. Speaking at the event, SAFWCO Founder Suleman G. Abro highlighted the conditions and challenges of the period when SAFWCO was founded.

He said that SAFWCO is making great efforts to include politically, socially and economically backward and poor rural people in the stream of development. We will continue to raise our voice for the rights of vulnerable people, women and children so that They should get equal opportunities to participate in the development process as the constitution of Pakistan talks about giving equal rights to every citizen.
Addressing the SAFCO employees, he said that “no matter how difficult the financial and social conditions are, we are not disappointed and we will not give poverty a place in our minds. We cannot lift a mountain on our head, but we can cut it and make our way. Since 1986, we have built hundreds of schools, built hospitals and roads, created awareness among people against ignorance, for which we had to pay the price in the form of arrests and suffering false cases. If we had lost our courage in those sufferings, we would not have been able to benefit millions of people directly and crores indirectly.

All this success is not of me alone but the result of the joint struggle of my friends. We are advocates of poor and indigent people, be it district administration or representatives of the World Bank, we have always fought their case, our hard work has opened the doors of success.”
He further said that “SAFWCO is the trust of future generations, the paths we have made, the future generations have to walk on it, this journey of people's welfare and social development has to continue, our determination and courage is our guide. Will continue to do so. We are not perfect human beings, we also have flaws, we are not arrogance of our achievements. Like these words of Sheikh Ayaz, we also pray to Allah to increase love and compassion in our hearts so that we can play our role in bringing honor and respect to human being according to the status given by God.”
Earlier, Syed Sajjad Ali Shah, Managing Director of Safco Microfinance Company, said that SAFWCO has left an unforgettable positive impact on the society of Sindh and created a history. SAFWCO's foundation day is like an Eid day for us and we wanted to include those who have benefited from SAFWCO's services in this joy. The achievements of SAFWCO are the achievements of Suleman G. Abro's compassionate personality, the achievements of the determination and action of the struggle for the poor class. We congratulate the people of Sindh on the anniversary of this organization, with the determination that we will serve our people and country more diligently.

Furthermore, Bashir Ahmed Abro-CEO SSF said in his address that those who were lower level employees in SAFWCO were given opportunities and today many of them are working in management positions. Many SAFWCO trainees have gone on to become heads of their own institutions, and many have set up new institutions.

Addressing the event, Ramiz Iqbal said that 95 lakh people have directly benefited from SAFWCO, while there is no number of indirect beneficiaries.
Alina Maria, Nadia Larak, Maria Rajpar, Iqbal Memon, Syed Zawar Naqvi, Aziz Gopang, Shaukat Ali Abro, Satram Sothar, Habibullah Khilji, Mashooque Ali Qureshi, Tanveer Hussain Soomro and Shahzad Noonari also addressed the event. On this occasion Suleman G. Abro thanked everyone and also gave copies of the English book 'Green Lands’ Man, Suleman G. Abro' written by Salman Rashid to the distinguished guests.

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