SAFWCO, SSF, and SMCL Celebrate International Women's Day, Contribution of Women Staff, and Women Activists


Hyderabad, March 9, 2024 - SAFWCO NGO, SAFCO Microfinance Company, and SAFCO Support Foundation joined hands to commemorate International Women's Day in a grand event held at the Hyderabad Club. The event aimed to honor individuals dedicated to advancing women's rights and to empower women in various spheres of life.
SAFCO Management and Civil society leaders recognize the dedicated work and contribution made by Women Staff and Governance of SAFCO institutions and acknowledge their efforts with appreciation awards, certificates and cash awards on the eve of International Women’s Day. Further, leaders acknowledging the persistent struggle required to eliminate gender discrimination, emphasized the crucial role of women in driving societal progress.

They stressed the need for active participation and support from both men and women to achieve true gender equality.
Speaking in the event SAFCO Institutions Founder & CEO Mr. Suleman G. Abro said that today, we gather to celebrate the spirit of womanhood and to acknowledge the tireless efforts of our women staff colleagues dedicated to championing gender equality and women's empowerment. Further, he expressed his believes that at SAFWCO, SSF, and SMCL, we firmly believe that gender equality is not just a goal but a fundamental human right. Today's event reflects our unwavering commitment to this cause. He pointed out that today's event is not just about celebrating achievements but also about recommitting ourselves to the ongoing struggle for gender equality. Together, we can break barriers and build a future where all women are empowered and respected. Lastly, he ended with pertaining note that as leaders in our respective fields, we have a responsibility to pave the way for a brighter and more equitable future for women. Let us continue to work together towards creating positive change and fostering a society where gender equality is not just a dream but a reality.

Mama Yusuf Laghari, a prominent jurist, highlighted the legal framework advocating for gender parity nationally and internationally. He urged for the implementation of these laws, emphasizing that granting women freedom of opinion and vote is pivotal in ensuring their rights, including access to justice.
Women activist Amar Sindhu debunked misconceptions surrounding the women's rights movement, clarifying its goal as achieving gender equality rather than fostering discord between genders. She emphasized the importance of unity in advocating for women's rights.
Irfana Mallah underscored the significance of male support in achieving gender equality, emphasizing the pivotal role of institutions like SAFCO institutions in fostering an inclusive environment where women have thrived for decades.
Syed Sajjad Ali Shah, Managing Director of SMCL, highlighted the correlation between women's empowerment and societal development, stressing the pivotal role women play in economic and social progress.

The event witnessed the felicitation of distinguished individuals who have made significant contributions to advancing women's rights. Notable awardees included Mama Yusuf Laghari and Ms. Shahnaz Sheedi, recognized for their exemplary performance in advocating for women's rights.
Additionally, individuals Women staff of SAFCO institutions such as Aleena Maria, Nadia Larik, Maria Rajper, Farah Rajput, Shabana Mallah, Farzana Soomro, Iqra Shoib, Kashf Bhatti and others were honored with cash prizes, certificates, and shields for their dedication and efforts in empowering women.
The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks from Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ismail, the Chairman of the Board of SAFWCO, expressing gratitude to all attendees and reaffirming the organization's commitment to furthering the cause of women's empowerment.

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