Sakrand: Two suffocate due to gas leak


SAKRAND: 20, DECEMBER, 2021: A father and daughter were found dead in their house due to suffocation, following gas leakage in Sakrand, Sindh province on Monday.
According to police, a man Shani Solangi and his 6-year-old daughter died of suffocation due to gas leak from the heater.
Owing to gas leakage, the room had also caught fire.
Earlier, on October 5, one person died owing to gas suffocation of generator in a residential building in Karachi.
According to sources, one person lost his life while mother, daughter and two others fell unconsious due to gas filling in the flat of the residential building located in Gulzar-e-Hijri area of Karachi.
After being informed, police and rescue teams reached at the location and moved the dead and four other affected persons to Jinnah Hospital.
As per rescue sources, the deceased was identified as Tariq Abbasi, while the injured are 45-year-old Farhana, 12-year-old Animata, 17-year-old Asher and 16-year-old Huzaifa. (04)

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