Salman Khan, used to take Katrina Kaif to meet filmmakers Sanjay Leela Bhansali, when she was younger.


Mumbai: 17 July 2023: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif's mentor, used to take her to meet renowned filmmakers when she was younger. Sanjay Leela Bhansali was one of them, of course. He was working on Bajirao Mastani at the time.
Salman and Sanjay were best buddies at the time. As a result, when Salman confidently took Katrina to the Bhansali mansion, he was convinced he would never be refused.
To his surprise, Bhansali categorically refused to consider Katrina Kaif for the role of Mastani, arguing that the character of Mastani required long lines of Hindi-Urdu dialogue, however Katrina understood little Hindi beyond 'Namaste' and 'Kaise Hain Aap'.

"Don't be concerned, Bro. We'll take care of it. "You just make the film with the two of us," says the director.Don't be concerned, Bro. We'll take care of it. "You just make the movie with us two," Salman assured Bhansali.
But the sceptic filmmaker was not persuaded. Salman, enraged, promised that one day, this charming British Indian would dominate Bollywood. And she succeeded!
Katrina Kaif enlisted the help of a Hindi-Urdu instructor. Despite her shaky mastery of Hindi-Urdu, she manages to get by without stumbling over her words. It helps to be married into a Punjabi household.

Katrina, who was extremely ambitious, was picky about her co-stars. She declined to work with Abhishek Bachchan at a time when he was at the bottom of his career. I'm curious if she'd agree to work on a film with Vicky Kaushal.

In an interview with this writer published in "I don't know what the future holds," Katrina Kaif said in a 2006 interview with this writer. I simply know that I must be honest with my work. Anything can happen tomorrow. You just never know. This is a highly volatile industry. I worked as a model for two and a half years, doing ramp shows and advertisements.

A girl's modelling career begins at the age of 16 and finishes around the age of 24. In the interim, I attended college. I believe I've matured, as everyone does. Everything should run as smoothly as possible."

In the same interview, Katrina said of being seen as only a gorgeous face, "I was pretty sure they'd see me for what I am." It is unavoidable that it will be viewed as a face. But I knew that eventually, people would relate to the true me, which would manifest itself in my performances. And the real me isn't simply a pretty face.

That has something to do with the occupation. I’m a simple home-bound girl in real life. I exist in my own fantasy world. Most of the time, I'm attempting to deal with the fact that reality doesn't always correspond to image. But I'm adapting and learning. In actual life, nothing can be attractive or flawless."

Katrina had a lot to be happy about on her birthday this year. Katrina dislikes how her unrivalled success rate is damaged by being dismissed as a result of chance, which greatly irritates her.





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