SALVATION, Pakistan stuck on the West of Nile?


Hyderabad: 3 December 2022: The nation has an opportunity to rejoice today. It’s a thanksgiving day as the baton of command changes hands. It will take time before we truly feel that the dark clouds of despondency have vanished.
He is leaving the guardianship of Pakistan for ever. He left this country tormented, and bruised.
He was the key mastermind of the regime-change, and that too at the behest of his foreign allies, and their corrupt, local collaborators. For him, counter-corruption was of no value. He put on saddle the tried, and tested, dynastic rulers, soaring their acts of thievery, and corruption. In liaison with judiciary, he ensured that the civilian supremacy was junked, and respect for law, compromised. He interfered with the running of governments almost at every stage. He acted Bonapart sans the feat, sagacity, and character of Napoleon. His appeasement of India was self-defeating.
He may emigrate as most corrupt seek to bask in the safe heavens of the West, and Gulf. Their properties, bank accounts, and their future together with that of their children are presumed safe offshore.
He descended Pakistan into chaos, its economy in shambles, and the future at risk. He was one of those who was averse to generating wealth within the country for which a huge potential exists. He, like his thuggish political allies, chose to let Pakistan reel under aids, and grants of the West, and the Gulf at the cost of its sovereignty. Pakistan has never been a poor country. It has been mismanaged by the elite.
In this sunset, he may be rolling in staggering, unexplained billions of rupees, but will he ever sleep well post-retirement?
History will not forgive him. He will be painted in black. He is a criminal, as pointed out by a PPP veteran, Eitzaz Ahsan.
His legacy: has he left any?

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