Samina Baig reached at K2


KPK: 30 July 2022: Dear family , friends and well wishers, I am extremely honoured and proud to share with you that on 22nd July 2022 at 7:42AM, Allah Almighty gave me yet another blessed moment to bring the national flag of Pakistan on the summit of Pakistan's tallest and world's second highest mountain,known as savage mountain #K2 stepping atop as the first Pakistani woman ! Thank you mighty K2 for accepting me and my team!
I am grateful to my lovely family those who stood by my side in every testing time of this journey, especially my brothers.
K2 is the king of mountains. It’s massive, it's dangerous and it's beautiful, It constantly tries to kill you. Be it’s the altitude, steep terrain and ropes heavily traded and worn out. like many others I also nearly escaped getting hit by rock fall.
We all have dreams, we all aspire to achieve and many in the middle just give up.. my two failed attempt never discouraged me.. always believed that one day I will achieve my dream project #K2
Allah helped me in achieving it , my brother Mirza Ali who stood like a rock from my first expedition back in 2010 to Mt.Everest, Seven summit and ultimate dream mountain #K2!
To girls out there. never under-estimate yourself, don't let yourself down,never lose hope , keep fighting for your dreams and goals! There are no short cuts, consistency, hardworking,You will achieve it!
I am thankful to the #karakorum expeditions team for their incredible work, fixing ropes up to camp 2 on K2 contributing to the success of many climbers .
huge shout out and thank you to the summit rope fixing team members from 8k,pioneer adventures, Madison mountaineering and Seven summit treks.
My sincere thank you to all well wishers for your kind message of congratulations and for your prayers!
May Allah bless all of us and our beloved country Pakistan!
Let's take the flag higher and higher!!!
Pakistan PaindaBad !
PC ~Mingma David Sherpa

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