She sat in nothingness; like dust upon a shelf


Hyderabad: 11 July 2022: Miss A Opportunity, always had this fight;
Miss A Opportunity was blind to her own sight;
No one told her what to do, she did things for herself,
But still she sat in nothingness; like dust upon a shelf.
Miss A Opportunity was clear to stand her ground,
Yet still she felt uneasy with the nothingness around.
See Miss A Opportunity was firm in her own truth,
So you couldn't really tell her what she had to do,
But the reason she was stuck, like dust upon a shelf,
Was that no one told her what to do, especially not herself.
Each night she would make plans for future hopes so high,
But each morning nothing happened and time did just float by,
See she didn't trust her past, the one who made each choice,
She didn't want to be her past, so she ignored her voice.
If only she could love her past, have faith in all she is
Then all these opportunities would never be amiss.
Miss A Opportunity, I hope one day she sees
Each missed opportunity is guiding her to be,
But if Miss A Opportunity just fights against herself,
Then Miss A Opportunity stays dusty on the shelf.
Heather Lea

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