Sindh's muted Plight


Salma Soomro
Hyderabad: 24 November 2021: Grievances of the people of Pakistan are increasing from the current government and they had several complaints from the previous government as well. In recent Aasma, Jahangir conference palijo said that the 1935 Government of India act still gave space and share in resources to siddhis. The present government of the federation is not owning us. We are robbed of our resources, assets, and the people like M Ali Jinnah whose name was changed from Jena Bai, and its place of birth was changed from Jhirk to Karachi.
Sindh birthed Jinnah and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto that was killed on the Rawalpindi roads, and the son of the soil shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto hanged mercilessly, another Sindhi Rasool Bux Palijo jailed for 8 years in kot lakhpat jail, sheik Ayaz remains in Sahiwal jail Hyder Bux jatoi Sindh gave to be proud of. G.M Syed was titled a rebel whereas he was the real hero of the people of the land.
Sindh has Indus civilization. Sindh is a peaceful province that lived in harmony and peace with other minorities and ethnicities. Is that why Sindh is being ignored? Are we the Sindhis being counted and considered in the eyes of the institutions?
Contribution of Sindh:
Three provinces share 27.5 percent Gas to the country whereas Sindh alone shares 72.5 of Gas to the whole country. However, several districts remain out of Gas supply to date. Sindh's share of petrol is 58.5 to Pakistan and it also has the 6th biggest coal reserves in the world. Plus give 70 percent of the Tax to the income generation of the state.
Sindh is not being given its due share and a token of respect. Sindh contributes enormously to nation-building and earns for the state.
Gems of Sindh in the judiciary:
Musharraf was vehemently denied by Justice Rana Bhagwan das, refuse the emergency of Musharraf, and closed his dark chapter, Sajjad Ali shah stood firm, justice Junejo refuse nomination forms bravely they are not been given due credit due to lack of courtesy.
Nazim Jokhio: Protected the wildlife, stood against the Arab princes, and was killed, this is the love of the Province. There is no single example of such bravery and love for the wildlife in the whole subcontinent.
Nazim Jokhio's wife and family are being threatened. His wife wanted to be a complainant, now they are being threatened to back off. In the same breath, Fahmida Siyal was brutally killed while having Quran in her hand. Quratul ain killed in Hyderabad Memona Soomro killed in Kandh kot, they all lost their precious lives judiciary did not pay enough attention to take Suo Motu.
Ruling clicks of Sindh are definitely corrupt but why stereotype all and sundry of Sindh due to few people. They are poor. Living in dilapidated conditions. Sindh High court said in his report 18 districts are having gutter water. Why are all of these genuine miseries not being heard by the ruling elite and respectable judiciary? Just because it is peaceful? Sindh does not have extremism, Sindhis do not block roads, blocking the whole urban city of Karachi, nor protest like TLP Faizabad, killing innocent policemen on the roads and taking off their nails mercilessly. We Sindhis are not drug mafia, drug traffickers, kidnappers, and killers of the Hazara. Never choose violence to rebel and go on the Tora Bora mountains to challenge the writ of the state. On the contrary Protesters in Punjab killed police officers Government had an agreement with them as well. TLP refuses to bow down or even say a simple sorry to those innocent children who lost their fathers in their protest. The irony is PTI Aijaz Choudhry announced seat adjustment with the TLP in the coming election. Is this not the double standard?
Applying Political theory :
Anatol Lieven New York, based journalist and academic teacher wrote many research papers and books based on research. He in his book, Pakistan a hard country said, Pakistan is a negotiated state. It has 40 nearly powerful clans. They have power, people, and the capacity to influence the government's decision-making. Pakistani government before applying any law negotiate with them and see whether force can be utilized or not? Their capacity to violence makes the government think twice. If they are powerful, organized, and violent they can get away like TLP. This organization came on roads a total of seven times and has killed many policemen, vandalized, and damaged. Challenged state’s writ.
They behaved like Frankenstein.
Max weber German sociologist said: State has a monopoly on the use of violence. But this time we saw TLP got that monopoly. Sadly once they were given an amount from an official and second-time solid agreement in return.
George Fredric Hegel philosopher: it is part of Human personality and their instincts to work for their recognition. TLP and another such group also feel empowered, when they go out with sticks; stop the vehicle, block roads, vandalize and inflict harm. Police and forces are around them. When they are released from jails they are warmly welcomed by their copartners as victors.
The policy of appeasement will not work. Sri Lanka dealt with Tamil tigers and fought 25-year long war. In the EU such problems also arrived, but it was Churchill that took a harsh decision to get rid of Hitler. P.M Neville chamberlain was of the view that Hitler might need some of the lands that is why he is doing all the things. But Churchill did not pay any heed to that argument. He said we will not let him do damage whether our armed forces face loss but Hitler and his socialist party will be dealt with an iron hand.

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