Story of a Rich man and Poor man


Hyderabad: 21 May 2023:  " One day a rich man gave a basket full of rotten food to a poor man.
The poor man smiled and left the palace with the basket, ....emptied the basket of it's content and cleaned it,
Put beautiful flowers in it and returned it to the palace and gave it to the rich man.
The rich man was surprised and asked the poor man, "Why "?
" I gave you a basket full of rotten things and you bring it back filled with beautiful flowers. "
The poor man replied the king:
" Every human being gives what is in his heart. "
What is inside you is what you give out. Be kind always.
You don't need to first become rich to be kind, kindness is free! Whether rich or poor ... all can be kind, what you only need is ...
Kindness matters......!

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