SU students advised to focus on opportunities leading to job creation through entrepreneurship


JAMSHORO: 28, MARCH, 2022: (Report By: Ali Murad Chandio): Regional Head of a US-based company in Sydney, Australia Aslam Memon has advised the Sindh University students to focus on opportunities to create jobs through entrepreneurship rather than becoming job seekers.
He was delivering his lecture which was organized by Sindh University’s Technology Incubation Centre (TIC) situated at Faculty of Engineering & Technology (FET) here on Monday.
Aslam Memon said the youth must be equipped with market-based education and skills to get a job immediately after completing their degrees in various disciplines.
“New ideas of young students will be marketed and the culture of entrepreneurship be promoted”, he said and added that Pakistan was the 6th largest country of the world and a large chunk of its population comprised students, so the universities must equip the youth with skills along with the degrees.
Aslam Memon urged the students to focus on finding sources of earning through entrepreneurship rather than wandering for govt or private jobs.
“Youth must equip themselves with skills to benefit from the massive available opportunities in all sectors”, he said.
He further said currently the world faced a dearth of human capital as around 80 million people were needed just for cyber security.
“In this context, Pakistan has a huge advantage and the world is also looking at it for quality human capital", he said and added that the information technology had enabled young women to run their businesses from home.
On the occasion, Dean FET Pof. Dr. Khalil ur Rehman Khoumbati said being a 19 times smaller country than Pakistan, the Netherlands had emerged as the world’s second-largest food exporter just by utilizing modern technologies in agriculture.
He asked the youth to go into the fields based on the market needs as well as their own aptitude, advising them to never show prejudices to the knowledge coming from others.
Besides improving their communication skills, the dean said, it was also equally essential to earn a reputation of trustworthiness as corruption had damaged the country.
He said in the absence of market analysis in the past, the country had produced doctors even beyond the market requirement which led to the brain drain owing to the lack of jobs in the country.
Director TIC Dr Arifa Bhutto and a number of teachers and students were present on the occasion. (04)

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