Taliban pursued their most sought after Job of Persecuting women.



Kabul: 11 September 2021: Since taking over the government of Afghanistan, the Taliban have done what we most feared?. reverting back to their deeply sexist, misogynist and inhumane practices. For instance, they have

- created a "Ministry of Virtue and Vice" a group notorious for enforcing their edicts on Afghan people during Taliban rule in the ?90s.

- announced that women cannot work in high-ranking posts in the new government

- have been ordered female civil servants to stay home until further notice

- banned co-education in public and private universities ( universities that reopened this week had classes segregated by gender.)

- banned live music throughout the country once again

- banned girls from playing sports (the deputy head of the Taliban?s cultural commission, said sports for women are 'not necessary. ? They might face a situation where their face and body will not be covered. Islam does not allow women to be seen like this'.

Yes, there is much outside our control but what we can control is using our voice to speak up and make a stand for women in Afghanistan.

To that end, I hope you will share this post and me in supporting the #RiseForAndWithWomenOfAfghanistan global event on September 25th 2021.


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