The bold and brave Journalist, Ahmad Farhad, went missing.


Islamabad: 25 May 2024: In Islamabad, Pakistan, a gripping narrative unfolds: a poet and journalist, Ahmad Farhad, vanishes into thin air, sparking a frantic search by his anguished family amidst the backdrop of a formidable security apparatus. The Islamabad High Court finds itself at the center of this drama, tasked with unraveling conflicting testimonies to deliver justice. Ahmad Farhad, a multifaceted individual previously linked with various media platforms, including Bol News, had transitioned into a freelance journalist.

Notably, he extensively covered the recent wave of anti-government demonstrations in Pakistan-administered Kashmir. Hailing from the Bagh district of Pakistan-administered Kashmir, Farhad garnered attention for his vocal critique of the nation's influential entities, particularly the military establishment. Syeda Urooj Zainab, Farhad's spouse, disclosed to Al Jazeera that her husband had confided in her about mounting pressure from government agencies.

This pressure, allegedly stemming from his perceived alignment with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party led by incarcerated former Prime Minister Imran Khan, underscores the volatile political climate. Khan's detention, amidst vehement denials of various charges, had triggered accusations of violent unrest orchestrated by his supporters against state institutions in May 2023. However, Zainab emphasizes that Farhad's allegiance ultimately lies with the cause of human rights, transcending political affiliations.

Regardless of party lines, he staunchly advocates for human rights, evidenced by his past support for the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) during periods of adversity against establishment pressures. With Farhad's disappearance shrouded in mystery and conflicting narratives, the Islamabad High Court emerges as the beacon of hope for his family, demanding clarity from security forces within a stringent timeframe. As the nation awaits answers, the quest for justice intertwines with the pursuit of truth in a high-stakes legal battle.

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