The extract of jasmine flowers combined with silver Nitrate has the potential for purifying water with antibacterial properties.


Lahore: 13 July 2023: In a remarkable scientific breakthrough, Awais Ahmad Haral, a Pakistani PhD student, has developed a novel nanomaterial utilizing the extract of jasmine flowers in combination with silver nitrate.
This groundbreaking material not only shows immense potential for purifying water but also exhibits remarkable antibacterial properties.
The innovative nanomaterial developed by Awais Ahmed demonstrates exceptional efficiency in the purification of water, making it an ideal candidate for addressing water pollution challenges.
Its unique composition effectively degrades toxic dyes, such as Methylene Blue, transforming them into harmless substances like water and carbon dioxide. What sets this discovery apart is the pioneering use of jasmine flower extract in conjunction with silver nitrate, a combination never explored before.
Awais Ahmad Haral's breakthrough discovery marks a significant milestone in the scientific community. With its potential to revolutionize water purification and antibacterial applications.
It is worth mentioning that, Awais Ahmad Haral has published more than 100 scientific papers with accumulative impact factor of >1000. He's also a editor of 9 scientific books in nanotechnology. Ahmed awarded membership by Royal Society of Chemistry in 2023.








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