Kmran Rehmat
Islamabad:19 August 2022: Imran Khan is clearly playing the innings of his life, all avatars included. This one takes the cake given the tremendous odds he continues to fight every day since being ousted from power last April in highly questionable circumstances after weeks of superficial uncertainty created by the establishment.
Any lesser man would have packed up and gone home — on first appearance, he too seemed to call it a day with that now famous diary-in-hand sign-off, but for the unprecedented public reaction across the country a day later, which also took him by surprise given the chequered past history of premature exits.
This is not meant to be a eulogy for someone, who, has braved odds before, but credit must be given where due. This time, he has shown a far more rousing and resolute ‘man of crisis’ mien. Chided as a “selected PM” during his aborted term by detractors, the lone ranger has taken on the very same establishment in ways never before seen in this country.
This spectacular rebound resulting from a sustained public response as witnessed in his party's stunning by-election victories against the run-of-play in Punjab last month has so rattled the ‘extension seeker’ and his accomplices everywhere — in the federal government and mainstream media — that they are now resorting to the dirtiest tricks to nix him and the juggernaut, but are still hesitant to land a final blow for fear of political consequences it will entail set against a barren economic landscape.
It would however, be a mistake to assume that they will not still commit 'hara-kiri'. That said, Imran Khan and a clutch of the bravest journalists/analysts, who spoke their mind at the media seminar in the heart of the federal capital Thursday, are like a beacon of light in these darkest of times. In the face of what Shahbaz Gill, for instance, is going through, it is no less than a blessing that these men of valour are standing their ground in the face of present and clear danger to their lives. Pakistan owes Imran Khan big time and regardless of any strand of political thought.

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