The Power of smile and greeting


Hyderabad: 28 /9/2022: The picture is of a worker who was working in a fish freezing and preserving factories..
And one day, before the end of work, he entered the fish-keeping refrigerator
To get the rest of his work done that day..!
And while he was getting his work done, the refrigerator door happened to be closed
And he's inside it..!
The man tried to open the door, but he couldn't, he screamed and called out at the top of his voice
seeking help from other workers,
But the work was over and there was no one in the factory..!
And after about (5) hours, the man was about to
dying of cold,
As the factory guard opens the refrigerator door, and saves him..!
And when the factory manager asked the factory keeper,
How did he know that worker was inside the factory
He did not go out with the rest of the workers..?
The guard said: I have been working in this factory for thirty years
Hundreds of employees and workers enter and leave the factory every day,
None of them greeted me every day, asked me how I was and smiled at me
Except that factor..!
At the end of the day I did not hear it from him and missed him when the workers went out,
I knew it was still in the factory, so I looked for it
Until I found it..!
Finally, God Almighty said: “And speak good to people.”
A kind word is the key to hearts..!
Perhaps a kind word that does not pay attention to it awakened hope in the soul of others, and you do not know..!
Do not belittle anything from favor, even if you meet people with a smiley face

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