The Sindh Textbook Board (STB) announces to implemented, security label stickers on market allocated textbooks


Jamshoro: 19 June 2023: The Sindh Textbook Board (STB) proudly announces to have implemented, which was on the wish list since the establishment of Sindh Textbook Board i.e 1970, the implantation of the security label stickers on market allocated textbooks is to guard against the theft of royalty of the board, piracy of the content and unauthorised sale of textbooks/content in the local market of sindh .

This land mark achievement was made possible under the supervision and leadership of Honorable Minister for Education, Syed Sardar Ali Shah, with the firm and unwavering dedication and determination by Agha Suhail Ahmed, Chairman, Sindh Textbook Board and his team to make the institution financially sustainable and to safeguard the intellectual rights of the Board and to ensure the availability of textbooks and the learning material 24/7 in Sindh province.

The ingraining of the stickers on the market allocated textbooks have been started in class IX and X for the academic session 2023 -24 as Piolt project. The Sindh Textbook Board is looking forward to ingrain the security label stickers on grade XI and XII textbooks for current academic session 2023-24 as well .

However, it has been resolved that it shall be made mandatory to affix the security label stickers on all the market allocated textbooks from grade Katchi to XII for academic session 2024-25. such undertaking in black and white has been received and on placed on record from the probable publishers/printers, if allocated with the market textbooks for the next academic session 2024-25. With this measure, the theft in royalty shall be guarded and it is estimated that around 200% in the existing royalty figures shall be increases with this measure of stickers implant .

Further More, ingraining stickers will block the unauthorised textbooks in the local markets and their illegal sale shall be sealed/confiscated forthwith.

The Sindh Textbook Board shall fix the responsibility of unauthorized/piracy of textbooks and shortage/unavailability of market allocated textbooks on the authorised publisher/printers, if and when it happens.







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