They were as close as two people can be connected on such a deep level, and totally in love


"It was a simply chance meeting one night. She placed a simple advertisement for a vintage book. He answered. He moved to the states from England ten years prior. After conversing back and forth, they decided to meet. Looking at the book turned into hours of conversation and laughing. Even a wine glass broke by accident when it fell off the coffee table, and they laughed that off. They totally hit if off and connected. From there it turned into talking a few times a week, to meeting for coffee and lunch.

To going for walks and going to their favorite spot- a lookout point by a library to see the city skyline as they talked and had coffee together. They clicked so much that it felt they were meant to meet. Despite coming from different countries and different backgrounds, some force brought them together. It was like serendipity. As if some benevolent force in the universe made strategic moves that brought them together because it was destiny.

Ten years later, they're still together. All from a simple book advertisement that he answered. As close as two people can be connected on such a deep level, and totally in love. They can never part. Can't even imagine not being together. They're connected so much that each of them feels when something is wrong with the other. One will text 'Whats wrong? Something is wrong'. The reply is always 'How did you know?' All that can be answered is...'I just knew'. So how can two people be brought together like this? Seems like no distance or time could keep them apart. I call it serendipity, fate, or destiny. Others may just see it as a fluke or just something that happened. There's no right or wrong, just a viewpoint. What do you think? If two souls are meant to be together, will the universe conspire little ways to bring them together? Maybe they're living proof.


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