Titanic mystery


London: 16 April 2022: April 15th, 1912: 1:30 am , As water fills the forward compartments, Titanic starts to sink at the bow, pivoting at a point just under the third smokestack near the aft expansion joint and lifting the stern into the air. Over the course of the evening, lifeboats will be launched only half-full, the crew never having proper lifeboat instruction and training. First Class women will be allowed to leave with their dogs, while several Third Class passengers remain locked into the decks below, never being allowed access to the lifeboats. One of the researcher wrote that The British Inquiry found no malicious intent to initially keep 3rd class locked away from 2nd or 1st class. Any access gates were locked in compliance with US immigration health laws. Sound Covid familiar? Gates Cameron found were open.
The real problem was that 3rd class simple had a maze of corridors and stairs to navigate to even get up on deck.
So yes class was a factor. But no one deliberately left gates locked. Movie myths.

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