TLP supporters burned Sri Lankan citizens to ashes on the name of blasphemy, Pakistanis left zombies behind in violence


Sialkot: 4 December 2021: It is the time when non-believers workers in this country repent for being there.Imran khan used to blabber about the foreign market and foreign businesses in the country,but the government has been failed to protect and produce democratic soft image of the nation.No one want to be there either for the tourist activities or business deals.We are failed under the demagoguery!

He came to Pakistan 11 yrs ago & was serving as General Manager of Rajco industry. He did his B.SC in (Production Engineering). He served Pakistan & cotributed to the best of his ability. Today, he was lynched to death by violent mob for removing a TLP poster from his factory.
What a tragedy !
Priyantha Kumara
Sri Lankans are the friendliest people on earth you will find for Pakistan. Prime Minister of Pakistan should cater an official apology on state level on behalf of people of Pakistan to the people and state of Sri Lanka as well as with the family of victim of gruesome Sialkot incident.
As a Pakistani, I have deep sympathies with the family of Sri Lankan victim and I am sorry and ashamed of what happened with him in Pakistan. I am sorry

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