TLP's extremism have done immense harm to the fabric of Pakistan


Sialkot: 5 December 2021: Today I did the unfortunate act of watching some footage of the horrendous event and it brought back memories of the lynching of two brothers in Sialkot, Mashaal Khan, and the APS attack.
I've been crying the past two hours non stop . I have no effing clue if I will be able to even live my life here in Pakistan. There are no words. There is just deep deep pain. Our national collective traumas are just becoming too much.
I haven't felt this hopeless and down in a very long time and I don't know where we will go from here.How can we as nation forgive the people who created this monster? Why is there no accountability for institutions and actors who politically engineer terrorists for their own good? We know that calling it engineered isn't enough.... The violent emotions run deep within the masses and the institutions you just mentioned are a mere reflection of the mindset at large. India too is facing the same. We can point a finger at Modi, but we would then be given a clean-chit to the population who are equally responsible.
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