To be a Mom, is the highest privilege anyone can be blessed with...


Karachi: 19 July 2022: A Mom will break her own heart in pieces and glue those pieces into your heart that is broken.
She will tie your hair (im)patiently and run back to fetch your favourite toy, even if it maks her late.
She will pull the feathers from her wings and lovingly add them to yours just to make sure that you can fly higher.
She will use her last bit of energy at the end of a long day to wipe the tears from your sad face.
A Mom is thè one person that will always see the beauty within you.
She is thè one person that will believe that you only deserve the best and bend backwards to ensure that you get it.
To be a Mom is to understand that at times, you will have to stand alone against the world.
I only realize now why Cinderella's stepmom was so nasty and Mama Bear's prridge was always cold.
I only realize now why Snowhite was alone in the woods and why Little Red Riding Hood's granny so grey, old and sick.
Because the days of Motherhood were just too long and the years much too short.
And many, yes MANY days, a Mom's plate of food is just too cold too often.
Luckily there are silver linings, especially around much darker clouds.
On days you need to see that silver lining the most.
The price of being a Mom can be found in listening to the most precious of precious laughter of your child, sounding like water gently gurgling over smooth river stones.
It is in the privilege of hearing a little human that you helped bring into this word, say: “Mama, I’s loves you..” and you know it comes from their tiny heart.
I believe that you only grasp the true value of a Mom, the day you become a Mom yourself.
It is only then that you realizes the power in a Mom’s prayers.
At times the title Mom also brings the deepest of hurt and pain.
But let’s be honest – to have a Mom and to be a Mom, is the highest privilege anyone can be blessed with..

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