To understand yourself, acknowledge each emotions your body, heart and soul is telling you


Hyderabad: 11 April 2022: I guess in order to understand yourself, you need to acknowledge each emotions your body, heart and soul is telling you. Be honest to yourself, give yourself a chance to be understood. If happiness fills in, make the most out of it, don't waste any chance. Take every chances of happiness you can't get. And set your soul free once in a while. You owe it to yourself. You deserve it.
But if pain demands to be felt, give it an outlet to flee. Don't suppressed it, don't be afraid to feel lost. It's not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of bravery. Give your pain a chance to heal and the only way to make it heal is to acknowledge that you're hurt, that there's a wound that needs to bleed to get heal. It takes time to heal for the wound that cuts too deep. But just because it takes time, doesn't mean it won't heal. Do not lose hope.
If you can wait a long journey to finally find your true happiness, might as well be patient to heal your wounds for your own peace of mind. Happiness teaches us that no matter how chaotic life is, there's still chances of joys in between struggles. While pain teaches us that no matter how we suppressed it, it'll hurt still, it just a matter of time before it all explode, so we should acknowledge it before we don't know which pain we're grieving on.
Life will put us in different situations, some might teach us lessons, some will make us grow in different aspects, some will hurt us badly, some will give us chances, some will be full of regrets, but what is sure to this,each situation will make us meet different versions of ourselves. Versions that we will never expect we had within us. And every version of us that we will meet is going to be part of our self growth. So don't be afraid to meet yourself halfway in each situation. It is still you, maybe wearing a different perspective but it is still you. You need to meet them, to become the better version of yourself.
It's not going to be easy. Change is scary. Life is tough. But you, you are worth it. So just keep on moving forward and grow in order to understand yourself. Always remember that there's no harm in choosing to be happy, but it's also okay to acknowledge your pain once in a while.

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