Tomb of Sikandar Shah, ruler of Champaner


Gujrat: 11 July 2022: Located on the outskirts of Vadodra, Gujarat, is the tomb of Sikandar Shah, ruler of Champaner, who was assasinated in 1526 by a close confidant, almost immediately upon ascension to the throne. Built by Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat at Halol, the sandstone tomb is considered a masterpiece of architectural craftsmanship owing to its seven fluted domes, simple yet stately in appearance. Of the seven, the single-storeyed building had two central domes and five smaller ones. Even though the central domes have crumbled, the small fluted cupolas, or well-proportioned rounded domes above the porches, are still intact. The entire building stands on an elevated plinth in the Ahmedabad style. The interior is adorned with intricate floral patterns and geometric designs, reminding us that the Muzaffarid Dynasty sultans were patrons of a distinctive architecture that seamlessly blended Islamic elements with Gujarat’s indigenous Hindu and Jain architectural traditions.

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