Toxic Patriarchy and Passport rules: Divorced Woman can never get rid of her Ex Husband name.


Hyderabad:24 May 2024:  The director-general of immigration and passports, Mustafa Jamal Kazi, thinks divorced women should have their ex-husband's name on their passports to show their kids' parentage. This idea got attention when a woman named Khadija Bukhari was told she needed her husband's name on her ID card to get a new passport, even though her info was correct in the Nadra system. Her case is in court now.

Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi formed a committee to look into this issue. Kazi went on a TV show to talk about Bukhari's case but ended up talking about how to prove parentage through passports, only mentioning the mother's name. It's not official policy, but as the head of immigration and passports, his ideas carry weight.

His logic doesn't make sense. What if a woman was married and divorced more than once? Would her passport have all her ex-husbands' names? He said there's no way for foreign countries to check Pakistani citizens' info, so parentage must be in passports. But isn't there a system for this in the 21st century?

The law says a woman must have her husband's name on her passport. We're not sure if it says anything about ex-husbands' names because the immigration website is down. But why should a woman need her ex-husband's name on her passport?

It's unfair for women to depend on their ex-husbands for ID documents. Even when they're no longer married, they're still reminded of their ex. Pakistan needs to catch up with the times and let women move on from their past marriages without this unnecessary hassle.

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