Trans voice


DR Mehrub Moiz
Karachi: 19 November 2022: Respectability politics:
"Trans can be amazing makeup artists and hair stylists"
"Lol sure. Trans can also be amazing engineers, entrepreneurs, real estate developers, marketeers, and every other high end profession that you've only reserved for the 1%"
Our fight isn't just a fight for "gender recognition".
It's a fight for dismantling class structures.
We khwajasiras aren't just affected because of our gender, we are simultaneously deliberately caged inside a class structure that ensures that we provide sexual and spiritual labour for the 1% while they hog all resources.
No more. We aren't going to ask society to "accept" our gender. We're going to hold the class system at its neck and strip down its facade.
Jaagi Jaagi, Moorat Jaagi!

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