Turkey s quiet castles tell their stories loudly.


Istanbol: 11 September 2021: In Turkey, almost six hundred abandoned "French castles" cottages - the developer went bankrupt, and buyers realized the absurdity of the idea. The "Burj Al Babas" project was designed for rich foreigners - for the price of a few hundred thousand dollars everyone was offered to buy "your own castle".

In fact it was a three-storey cottage with two towers, situated on a plot of just 320 sq m, surrounded by seven hundred of its copies. Yes, it was planned to build 730 castles! They stopped at 587. Construction began in 2014.

In addition to villas, the project contained swimming pools, Turkish baths, health and beauty salons, shopping center and mosque. At first, the venture was a success, with wealthy citizens from Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE and Saudi Arabia buying 350 villas.

But soon the contracts for the purchase of real estate were terminated - according to the architect of the ghost town, this was due to falling oil prices. In 2018, the developer's debts reached $27 million, and construction was halted.

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