Unreal and fake beauty standards: It was hard for Kim to breath, she skipped Met Gala after party


New York: 7 May 2024: Notably, Kim Kardashian opted not to attend the Met Gala after-parties due to online concerns about her small waist.
'How many ribs did she get removed?' one fan inquired online about the 43-year-old reality star's very tiny waist, which caused her to miss the festivities.
Then, as Kim got ready for the biggest night in fashion, Vogue released a video of her having trouble breathing.

Kim took deep, deliberate breaths at the start of the video when the director asked her, "How's the breathing going?"
It's a kind of art. But I understand,' Kim answered.
However, Kim's attire was ultimately not the reason she was unable to attend the after-parties; rather, the reality star was unable to join in the late-night festivities since she has never really considered partying to be her "thing."

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