Void in Afghanistan can be an opportunity and a liability at the same time.


Islamabad: 4 December 2021: The exit of the US from Afghanistan has created space for the leadership role of Pakistan and Turkey in the region, a scholar on security and policymaking said. Such a role, however, would require intellectual exercise, said Rabia Akhtar, a professor of Security Studies at the University of Lahore, Pakistan.
“The major question everybody is asking is where is our region heading to,” Akhtar told where she is busy collaborating with academia and think tanks on joint policymaking and research. The US longest war ended in Afghanistan in August when all the foreign coalition forces exited the country after 20 years. The war-torn country is struggling with a weak economy, and a looming humanitarian crisis as the Taliban vow to secure the country from terrorism.
“For 20 years, we’ve had the US in the region as an extra-regional force, but with the boots on the ground. And now that they have left there is a political vacuum ... There are geopolitical dynamics,” said Akhtar.

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