whirlwind inside the mind


Hyderabad: 17 November 2022: I may look confident at all times, but I also feel small in between my silence during those moments. It may seem like I have already figured out what is it that I want with my life, but I also get confused on how to finally get there. I may project my life as a carefree one, but the truth is, I am also going through something and trying my hardest not to stumble. It may be a quite possible coming from my own lips, for they said it looks like I always have my high hopes and optimism, but I also overthink things, expect for the worse, and sometimes be in the side of pessimism—I can't help it, I have my worst days, too.
And you are not alone feeling these ways—I am with you. And it's all fine to be on this whirldwind at some instances, so long as we will still find a way out of it and keep our lives moving.

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