Why Sindh? why not USA/ Developed state bearing Afghan Refugee Burden? Sympathizers should give Afghanis financial support to set somewhere else.


Hyderabad: 12 November 2023:  it is crucial to recognize that the responsibility does not rest solely on Pakistan's shoulders. The situation in Afghanistan is a complex web of historical, geopolitical, and regional factors, with the United States playing a significant role. The Role of the USA: The United States, as a major player in Afghan affairs, bears a substantial responsibility for the current crisis.

The withdrawal of American forces in 2021, alongside a rapidly deteriorating security situation, has led to the displacement of millions of Afghans. The ensuing chaos and uncertainty have forced many to seek refuge abroad. Given the historical ties between the USA and Afghanistan, it is imperative for the United States to acknowledge its role in the crisis and actively contribute to finding a solution.

Developed Countries' Role: While it is understandable that neighboring countries, such as Pakistan, are often the first destination for refugees due to geographical proximity, it is equally important for developed nations, including the USA, to step up and share the burden.

Historically, developed countries have been better equipped to absorb large numbers of refugees, offering better resources, infrastructure, and opportunities for resettlement and integration.

Global Solidarity and Cooperation: The Afghan refugee crisis is not isolated to one region; it is a global concern that requires a collaborative and cooperative approach. Developed countries, including the USA, should work together to establish comprehensive resettlement programs, provide financial aid, and ensure the protection of human rights for Afghan refugees. This shared responsibility will contribute to a more equitable distribution of the burden and promote international solidarity.

Addressing Root Causes: In addition to addressing the immediate needs of Afghan refugees, it is crucial to focus on addressing the root causes of the crisis.

The international community, led by the USA, should actively engage in diplomatic efforts to stabilize Afghanistan, promote good governance, and create conditions conducive to the voluntary return of refugees. Long-term solutions are essential to break the cycle of displacement and ensure a sustainable future for the Afghan people. Conclusion: While it is evident that Pakistan and other neighboring countries play a significant role in hosting Afghan refugees, the responsibility should not be disproportionately placed on them.

Developed countries, especially the United States, must acknowledge their role in the Afghan crisis and actively participate in global efforts to provide humanitarian assistance, share the burden of hosting refugees, and address the underlying issues that have led to this dire situation. A collective and cooperative approach is essential to ensuring a more just and sustainable future for the people of Afghanistan.

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