Yasmen Rashid was released after 24 days in Jail


Lahore: 3 June 2023: Yasmin Rashid is released from the Jinnah House attack case by a Lahore court. PTI politician Yasmin Rashid was exonerated in the Jinnah House attack case by a Lahore anti-terrorism court, and the former Punjab health minister was also given the go-ahead for immediate release.The judgement was issued by ATC Judge Abher Gul Khan.

According to the ruling, "... perusal of the record reveals that neither Dr. Yasmin Rashid is nominated in the FIR nor involved through supplementary statement. She was summoned in the case on the disclosure of a co-accused which has no evidentiary value in the court." No "incriminating material" had been discovered against Rashid, it continued, and it ordered her release.







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