About us

The crown of being the only multimedia and multilingual web-based TV in Sindh Pakistan goes to the Online Indus. Another feather of accomplishment in its hat is the inauguration of Radio transmission/F.M transmition which reaches far-flung areas. This web base channel covers multi lingual transmissions like English, Sindhi, and Urdu. Catering a large number of audience makes it Unique in the current world of news and entertainment. Online indus publish its news in National, international and regional languages of the subcontinent. Urdu, Sindhi and English is widely spoken in the region. The noteworthy and appreciative thing is that the enthusiasm and devotion toward the information and true journalism motivated the Owner to keep this website running without any systematic support. Living an idea, running that and making that so successful, and keeping that growing is appreciative and praiseworthy. This is the best source of news, the rest of the regional papers are on paper, and their reach is only to a limited audience, whereas online Indus with its web tv youtube, Facebook page Twitter, and F.M is operating at a tremendous level and covering almost every dimension in the world of news and entertainment.