About us

Online Indus stands out as the crown jewel of multimedia and multilingual web-based TV in Sindh, Pakistan. Setting a benchmark in achievement, it has recently launched radio transmission, bridging gaps to reach even the most remote areas. This dynamic channel offers a diverse range of content, broadcasting in English, Sindhi, and Urdu. With a staggering 900K followers and on YouTube, 28000 subscribers, are getting 24-hour live streaming on Online Indus FM 91.4, this platform continues to captivate its audience. Its Facebook page remains a hub of updates, ensuring viewers are always in the know. The website consistently crosses 10 million views with each news article, showcasing its immense popularity.

What truly sets Online Indus apart is its dedication to providing news in national, international, and regional languages of the subcontinent. Urdu, Sindhi, and English being widely spoken in the region, this approach ensures inclusivity and broad reach. It's remarkable that Online Indus operates without significant external support, driven solely by the passion for true journalism. This perseverance and commitment to information dissemination are commendable. Unlike traditional regional newspapers with limited reach, Online Indus leverages its web TV, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and FM 91.4 Khairpur presence to cover a vast array of news and entertainment. This holistic approach makes it the ultimate news source, setting a new standard in the industry.