Do you know what we exactly want from life to be happy, Piles of money are not the first thing..

Hyderabad: 25 January 2022: We don’t desire the highest in life. What we really desire is to make a phone call to somebody or receive compliments from somebody or correct some misunderstanding or turn some proper understanding into a misunderstanding. This is all we are engaged in.
All our thoughts hover around really unimportant, insignificant things but they appear very big. This is Maya – illusion. Things that really do not matter start bothering you. How to get over these things? It is a skill.
Nothing can bring you satisfaction. Satisfaction is not an adjective, it’s a noun. You are 'satisfaction'. What can one bring satisfaction to satisfaction? Nothing! It’s that simple. The whole world is running around to attain satisfaction.
Have you heard about the Musk Deer? It’s the deer from which the perfume musk is obtained. The perfume comes from a gland near the deer’s navel but the Musk Deer thinks it’s coming from somewhere in the forest. It goes all round the forest looking for the source of the fragrance. The deer cannot find it, because it’s coming from its own body.
Dogs chew bones and while chewing the bone they hurt their jaws and start bleeding. When they start bleeding, they think the juice is dripping from the bone, so they keep biting it even more. Finally, they find their mouths all bruised. You are searching for satisfaction everywhere. However, it comes from the being inside you.

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