Lahore police filed (FIR) against numerous Harasser


LAHORE:  3 March 2024: Despite facing pressure from certain religious groups, the Lahore police filed a First Information Report (FIR) on Friday against numerous troublemakers who had harassed a woman wearing a shirt with Arabic-script print a few days ago in Ichhra Bazaar.

The suspects, forming an agitated mob, falsely accused the woman of "blasphemy" due to their confusion between the Arabic alphabet and words, endangering her life. This incident gained international attention through mobile phone footage, bringing shame to the country.

Nevertheless, the police's prompt action received praise both within and outside Pakistan, especially highlighting the heroic role of a woman police officer, Gulberg Circle ASP Syeda Sheharbano Naqvi, who confronted the mob and rescued the woman.

Despite facing considerable pressure not to register an FIR against the suspects and avoid potential confrontation with certain religious groups known for violent agitation, the police chose to take action. Some senior government officers believed that letting the troublemakers go unpunished would not only negatively impact law enforcement agencies but also empower 'extremists' to repeat such acts in the future.

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