Misuse of Blasphemy law: TLP supporters are becoming Frankensteins, damaging the peaceful religion to its core


Sialkot: 4 December 2021: Maulana Tahir Ashrafi told that the actual situation which has transpired now is that Priyantha Kumar used to tell workers to "work hard and justify their earnings". Something that almost all of the management say to their staff. It hurt the egos of Talha and Furhan over time and they premeditated this heinous crime. Talha told press that they saw Priyantha committing blasphemy by removing a religious sticker and they complained to the committee about it but no action was taken so they had to serve the justice themselves. Later, the committee confirmed that no such complaint against Priyantha was ever received... It was nothing but to settle a personal score! And THIS is extactly what Salman Taseer spoke against: he NEVER did any Gustakhi, all he said was that this law is misused against the weak and the minorities. But do NOT FORGET that Taseer's k¡ller had over a 1000 attendee for his funeral and he is hailed as a Ghazi and Shaheed!

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