The right person is going to find your clinginess cute, going to be flattered and excited to see you ..


Karachi:26 December 2021: The right person is going to find your clinginess cute. They’re going to be flattered you want to spend so much time with them. They’re going to be excited to see you every single weekend and wake up to texts from you every single morning. They’re going to be as invested in the relationship as you are, as clingy as you are. They won’t want to spend a night without you.
The right person isn’t going to get bothered by your overthinking. They’re going to understand the reason why you overanalyze everything is because you care, because you want them to be happy, because you want your relationship to last. They’re going to appreciate how much effort you put into everything you do and everything you say. They’re going to make you feel valued and validated.
The right person isn’t going to mind your meltdowns. They aren’t going to run away the second your smile fades into a scowl. They aren’t going to leave you to deal with your issues alone. They’re going to stick by your side. They’re going to help you through your roughest moments. They’re going to remind you everything is going to be okay and help turn their promise into a reality.
The right person isn’t going to get turned off when they see you without makeup, without your hair done, without shaved legs. They aren’t going to care whether you’re wearing loose sweatpants or tight yoga pants. They’re going to love you, no matter what you’re wearing. They’re going to compliment you, no matter how self-conscious you feel.
The right person isn’t going to hurt you, lie to you, abandon you. They’re going to be as excited as you are to enter the future together, to reach new milestones together, to spend the rest of your lives together.

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