Why giving up is so easy but painful?

Hyderabad: 25 February 2022: You have decided now that you will start your own business, your journey to success. You make all the plans, your business model is ready, your back up plans are ready. It's now 6 months in the business, you started well with full vigour, you worked according to the plans.
But results are not coming and you are getting frustrated. But you hold on and say I can handle it, let me put some more efforts and you start to have some sleepless nights. It's been 12 months, you have been doing the work consistently and you know that and you are measuring your progress.
And you know you are no way near the results you wanted to achieve. This the time, when you think of quitting and there are many other external pressures on you to do that. Your confidence is at all time low, and giving up seems the only possible solution and an easy one.
The period after that is the most painful one, when you see others growing on the same dreams and the ideas you were working on.
Now what was the difference??, you will find many possible answers to that, they had financial backup, they had support..
But the reality is that they stuck with it, they didn't quit, they didn't give up, despite facing the similar problems, they changed their routes but they didn't turn back, because they already burnt the bridges that will take them back.
So they didn't have that option to find the easy way out of it.
When things are not working as expected, stay put change the direction, reroute but don't quit.
Success stories are not built on quitting they built on perseverance. Don't take the easy way and the most painful way

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