Be her safe place. Her home..

Hyderabad, 21 ,9, 2o22 , She wanted to see him. No, to say it plainly, she needed to see him. He was the only one that can calm her tailspinned heart. The day couldn't come soon enough. She leaned on him. He was her safe place. Her home. When she was with him, she was a calm sea. When she wasn't? She was tormented waves crashing down one after the other in fast precision. Buried nestled in his arms, she can breathe easy. Like a deep sigh of relief. After days not seeing him, the need rose to a level that she was taunting him. As she only knows how. She knows just what to say and how to reply to him to make him react. She had enough of waiting. She needed the release that only he knows how to give her. He knows what she needs and knows her well. He knows how she thinks, how she gets her emotions spinning till she's filled with anxiety. He knows she over feels and over thinks, and sometimes that runs away with her. He knows how to calm that storm to perfection. How to ease her mind. He knows her body and how to make her rise and fall. Scream and beg, moan and cry. Make her say things only to him behind closed doors that no one would beleive. Their own little secret world. One where she is loved and adored, and he is loved and trusted. One where one little text saying "I need to meet", told the other exactly what they wanted and needed in those 4 little coded words. He knew exactly what she was doing as he read his phone. She knew how to rile him just enough. Pushing little by little. Until only numbers were texted in reply. She grinned. She knew what that meant. She got what she was after. She achieved the level she needed from him. What came next the day after...was nothing more than an explosion of their deep intimacy and a much needed emotional and physical release- as she was tied to the bed begging for more, saying 'Please and Thank you'.

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